Founded in 2017 in Brighton, What They Wore Store is a family-run, concept vintage store. It’s not our first foray into the world of vintage clothing, we previously ran a retro kids clothing shop both online + offline. After finding it impossible to leave behind the grown-up stuff that we’d come across on our buying trips, we decided to branch out into adults wear too. 

With a firm interest in art, design + fashion, and a background in communications + marketing, opening a concept vintage shop seemed like the natural thing to do. Our vision is to offer fun, gender neutral, bright pieces for both kids + adults. We don’t think anyone should be pigeon-holed by gender or age, we believe folks should wear what they want to wear. 

What They Wore Store is passionate about repurposing + recycling clothing too.  UK textile waste is a huge problem and has a massive impact on the environment so we want to do our bit by reusing garments to prevent them from ending up at a landfill site. To get an idea of what a typical day for us looks like, check out our Instagram feed. If you’ve got an idea for a collaboration or just want to say hello, send us a message via our Contact page.

                                                        PEACE + HUGS

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